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Diet and Exercise for a whole new me… or not

Have you heard of Tim Ferriss?  He’s the guy who wrote the Four Hour Workweek and the Four Hour Body.  If you YouTube him you’ll see that he’s a complete egomaniacle douchenugget, and even just reading his books you get the sort of uncomfortable feeling that this guy is a self-absorbed crackpot.  He uses himself […]

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Making progress but is it worth it?

Today is the second day of the second week of the diet and I hate the world and everything in it.  Actually, I weighed myself at the gym on the weekend (I don’t own a scale at home) and I’ve actually lost 2 lbs.  That’s pretty impressive when my starting point was so low to […]


Welcome to my personal hell

I am now on the third day of the third week of this stupid-ass diet.  It’s not working.  Remember those 2 lbs I lost?  I gained them back.  The loss was probably just a fluke, like water weight or something.  This diet is doing absolutely nothing to my body, or rather it’s doing nothing to […]



I totally just cheated and ate a chocolate covered cherry.  Bwahahahahahaha!

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Ahh, the things I do to prove a point… to no one but myself

I’m in the home stretch now.  Fourth week on the slow carb diet.  Yesterday was hell.  I was in extreme abdominal pain all afternoon and I felt like so many shades of shit by supper time that I didn’t even want to hear the word chilly, which I’d previously decided would be my dinner.  All […]

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It’s finally over

So I finally finished the 4 weeks on the slow-carb diet, just like I promised myself I would.  I cheated a couple of times, but nothing major.  In the end, even though I mostly hated everything about this experiment, I’m still glad I went through it because it’s always a good idea to test oneself.  […]


4-Hour Body of LIES!

April 04th, 2011 | Category: Random,Rants,Slow-Carb Diet of Doom

I gave up on that crazy Tim Ferriss diet a while ago but the boyfriend kept at it a while longer.  Actually, he switched things up and tried a different diet and exercise regime in the book; a regime to build mass because he’s trying to *clap* pump you up.  Wow, I’ve really shown my […]

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