Feb 15

Ahh, the things I do to prove a point… to no one but myself

I’m in the home stretch now.  Fourth week on the slow carb diet.  Yesterday was hell.  I was in extreme abdominal pain all afternoon and I felt like so many shades of shit by supper time that I didn’t even want to hear the word chilly, which I’d previously decided would be my dinner.  All I wanted was bread or oatmeal or something.  So I had popcorn because I figured hey, at least corn is a vegetable, but also starchy so it’ll coat my aggravated intestines.  And then I had some candy ’cause I figured, hey, sugar is yum-yum.  Today I weighed myself and I’ve now concluded that the secret to weight loss is popcorn and candy ’cause I’m down to 126 lbs.  Or maybe the secret to weight loss is (TMI alert) explosive diarrhea.  But it’s probably the popcorn.  And the candy.  Sweet, sweet black licorice deliciousness.

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