Jan 31

Making progress but is it worth it?

Today is the second day of the second week of the diet and I hate the world and everything in it.  Actually, I weighed myself at the gym on the weekend (I don’t own a scale at home) and I’ve actually lost 2 lbs.  That’s pretty impressive when my starting point was so low to begin with.

To clarify:  I am 5’6″ 1/2 and went in weighing 129 lbs.  So now I’m 127 lbs.  My measurements remain the same.

But holy crapola I’m depressed.  No doubt this is due to the sugar deprivation.  Once a week one is supposed to have a cheat day and Ferriss goes into a bunch of stuff about how this is actually beneficial because of shocking the metabolism and blah, blah, read his book if you care.  By the end of last week, before the cheat day I had more or less adjusted to the lack of sugar and was feeling ok.  To be fair I was also greatly looking forward to eating my face off on the cheat day.  So I had that cheat day and it was grand.  Eating a box of Glossette raisins was like eating magic.  Seriously, I was running around my condo all alone yelling at no one in particular about how the chocolate covered raisins were like unicorns and pixie dust wrapped in a basket of kittens tied with ribbons of double rainbows.

But then the next day I wanted to die.  I had to start the sugar detox all over again so in reality it isn’t even a detox because just when I was beginning to adjust I screwed it all up with bananas and chocolate milk.  So going back to a world without sugar is like… well, it’s like facing any addiction I suppose.  Thank god I never got into crack.  Seriously, if abstaining from sugar is this hard I can only imagine the hell of drug addiction.

I may have a little more sympathy now for people with serious addictions.  I still think they’re idiots for smoking or drinking or snorting or injecting in the first place but still.  Last night both the bf and I were obsessing over all the good stuff we couldn’t have.  He desperately wanted Reeses Pieces and I wanted to bathe in black licorice.  We munched on seasoned chick peas (yeah, really, ugh) instead and finished off the night with some cinnamon tea.  Awesome.  I was incredibly despondant.  And getting out of bed this morning was a test of wills.  I mean I’m never happy scrappy in the morning but usually I drag myself up with a sigh.  Today I had to exercise great self-control not to unleash my anger on the world.  I was pissed.  It was irrational and I realized that so I didn’t in fact yell at anyone or break anything but boy I felt resentful. 

Fuck Tim Ferriss and his stupid fucking diet!  Fucking asshole!  But now that I’ve blogged about it I can’t exactly quit, can I?  ‘Cause then I’d be a quitter and quitters are people who actually enjoy their lives and no one wants to be a life enjoyer, now do they?  Fucking hell.

2 lbs though… yay?


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  1. Leif February 5th, 2011 3:33 am


    I bought that book, but haven’t yet really given the “program” too much effort. Plus, convincing my wife a diet without rice will not kill me is difficult.

  2. Nique February 8th, 2011 10:05 am

    Awesome link.

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