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Welcome to my personal hell

I am now on the third day of the third week of this stupid-ass diet.  It’s not working.  Remember those 2 lbs I lost?  I gained them back.  The loss was probably just a fluke, like water weight or something.  This diet is doing absolutely nothing to my body, or rather it’s doing nothing to […]



I totally just cheated and ate a chocolate covered cherry.  Bwahahahahahaha!

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Ahh, the things I do to prove a point… to no one but myself

I’m in the home stretch now.  Fourth week on the slow carb diet.  Yesterday was hell.  I was in extreme abdominal pain all afternoon and I felt like so many shades of shit by supper time that I didn’t even want to hear the word chilly, which I’d previously decided would be my dinner.  All […]

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It’s finally over

So I finally finished the 4 weeks on the slow-carb diet, just like I promised myself I would.  I cheated a couple of times, but nothing major.  In the end, even though I mostly hated everything about this experiment, I’m still glad I went through it because it’s always a good idea to test oneself.  […]