Apr 4

4-Hour Body of LIES!

I gave up on that crazy Tim Ferriss diet a while ago but the boyfriend kept at it a while longer.  Actually, he switched things up and tried a different diet and exercise regime in the book; a regime to build mass because he’s trying to *clap* pump you up.  Wow, I’ve really shown my age with that reference, haven’t I?  You don’t even know what I’m on about, do you?

Ok, anyway, this new program basically involves eating a truck-ton of food and doing very few but very intense workouts.  He’s been eating non-stop, to the point where food isn’t even fun anymore.  At first he tried to be strict about it, eating lots of high protein but healthy food but eventually he turned to eating anything and everything just to keep his calorie count up at the required levels. For workouts he’s been doing the maximum weights and reps possible, every 5 days or so, as the book indicates.

Well it’s all bullshit.  The book claims that this will allow a person to build incredible mass and that just hasn’t been the case for the bf, which is in itself interesting.  We took diligent stats, taking his weight, measurements and photographs at the start of this experiment two months ago.  Yesterday we took all that info again and NOTHING.  The number on the scale is somewhat higher but his measurements are the same and I can’t even tell which photos are “before” and which are “after”.  It’s actually kind of fascinating to ponder where the hell all those calories went.

Much as I surmised with my own diet experience I imagine this regime would work wonders for someone starting at zero.  If one is overweight then surely a diet will produce results.  And if someone is underweight then eating a ton and then working out will build muscle.  But the boyfriend was already in good shape and was just trying to get even beefier.  The book claims this program will achieve these aims but this hasn’t been the case at all.  Again, it’s sort of interesting to see that no matter how much he eats and how hard he works out he gains neither fat nor muscle in significant amounts.  He supposes that he’s stronger now, in the sense that he’s increased the weight he can bench but the point is not to be able to carry around a house, it’s to fly look like Superman.

Looking through the photos of Ferriss on his blog and in his book we see that he isn’t exactly getting great results either.  He acts like he’s a golden god, but if you look at him you see that he’s wiry but not beefy.  He’s got abs but that’s about it.  He goes on and on about how awesome abs are, forgetting that to be the masculine ideal he’ll also need pecs and shoulders and biceps.  In my totally unbiased opinion the bf looks better than Ferriss does but he also looks exactly the same as he did before he opened Ferriss’ stupid book. 

Bf has decided to keep going until he’s completed the program, mostly because you can’t truly discount something until you’ve seen it through.  But I bet you he’ll go back to his regularly scheduled programming after this is all done.  Or knowing him he’ll find some new book or website that will advise him to do some other crazy shit and I’ll have to endure whatever the hell this newest craze will be.  *sigh*

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