Sep 21

Berlin Buddy Bears – Euro Trip part II

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We spent the next 4 days walking around Berlin. What a great city. It was so clean and the air was very fresh despite the many smokers. It didn’t rain again and though it was a bit chilly at times it was usually ideal walking weather. Everywhere we went we discovered a new cool place. There were tons of squares (or platz) featuring unique sculptures and whatnot where locals could simply hang out and we did indeed spot many teenagers loitering around being cool. There also seemed to be a lot of school field trips happening because huge gangs of adolescents, led by adults were touring the sights alongside us. They were all very hip and trendy. In fact, generally speaking, all Berliners are a well dressed lot, regardless of age.



We noticed that the city was peppered with life-sized fibreglass bears painted in all sorts of patterns and wondered what that was about.



As we sat on the memorial and people watched I felt the need to mention how attractive Berlin men are. Even Phil had to agree. In Montreal we’re used to seeing a larger percentage of attractive women versus attractive men (seriously, where are all the good-looking guys?) but in Berlin it was the opposite. That’s not to say the women were ugly but the men outshone them. They were tall and broad shouldered and square jawed and simply yummy. No fat people either. Just as we were commenting on the lack of obesity, three overweight people walked out of a Dunkin Donuts and passed us. I suggested they were probably American tourists and sure enough, when they spoke it was with American accents. The fanny packs were also a tip-off.



Part III coming soon!

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  1. Punky September 21st, 2007 11:51 am

    I’ve been to the Reichstag – where a pocket knife was confiscated – and earlier while waiting in a line that was about ten times the line you have pictured – a guy was immediately escorted out (an American – easily recognizable by his Boston accent) for having a swiss army knife – but because of my Canadian flag, the German security guard laughed it off and sent me on my merry way, pocket knife in hand. I could have done some serious damage….

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