Sep 20

Damn is it good to be home – Euro Trip Part I

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I’m back from Europe.  Don’t lie, I know you missed me.  This morning I willingly woke up at 5am.  Of course, I’m still on Europe time so for me it was like 11 am.  Travelling is fun and the trip was great but I must say that I’m a homebody by nature and the best part of the trip was coming home.  But you don’t care about me sitting at home in my underwear (or do you, cheeky monkey?) So I’ll get on with my tremendous tales of travel. 


After the museum we went to a little café for a croissant and it was all very bizarre and surreal. It was clearly a spot for locals and we got weird looks for being there without knowing the routine. We awkwardly figured out that one had to take a plate from one area and choose a pastry from another area and just had to guess at where to pay as there was no cash register in sight. Turns out stores in Germany have cash registers that are sort of built into the counter so they aren’t visible until opened. Usually you can find the cash by looking for the person sitting at a computer monitor (they sit, don’t stand) but in this cafe there was no monitor to be found. We sheepishly ate our crappy pastries and went back to the hotel, which was just heavenly.


I wanted to spend the whole trip in that bed watching German TV. We watched Evil Dead 3 in German and watched a lot of MTV because some of the shows were subtitled instead of dubbed. We were utterly traumatized by a commercial with some sort of creepy mascot feeling up a woman in a sauna. We couldn’t tell what the mascot was supposed to be and my best guess was a tapeworm.

Stay tuned! More to come!

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  1. kebes September 21st, 2007 11:32 am

    The idea of a submarine sandwich jumping into water doesn’t sit right with me: the sandwich would immediately become soggy, and within moments disintegrate, leaving disgusting bits of floating mayonnaise behind.

  2. Nique September 21st, 2007 11:51 am

    That mascot was so freaking creepy. It looks cute on that sign, but in the commercials it seemed evil.

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