Jun 30

Euro Trip – bonus material (Cee Lo sighting)

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I forgot to write this in my journal and I forget which airport it was at (maybe Heathrow?) but I saw Cee Lo Green in the premium passengers line up while I was in the regular folks line up. He walked into the plane right before me so the entire walk through the passage thingy where you head towards the plane I was right behind him.

He was dressed all in white and had a fur backpack and a dude in his posse was dressed the same way. I just googled it to make sure it was him and indeed he has that silly fur backpack and all the same tattoos. One of the reasons I wasn’t sure it was him was because he was taller than I imagined. On TV he looks to be about 5′2″ but he was actually about my height. I just googled that too and indeed IMDB lists his height as 5′6″ 1/2.

When I saw him I sort of stared at him for a while as I tried to figure out if it was really him but he didn’t seem annoyed by that. He was smiley and friendly to the airline staff. Good times.

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