Jul 6

Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer

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None of us ever have high expectations when it comes to Canadian movies but sometimes if you give them a chance they’re worth a shot. I found “Jack Brooks” to be a solid effort in terms of acting and monster effects. No CGI here, just good old makeup and costumes and they do the trick just fine. Of course it helps that the film is a comedy. The Big Bad certainly isn’t scary but he’s funny. This is another movie that greatly benefits from a Fantasia audience. Crowd reaction helps to make the ride more enjoyable. Having the makers of the movie there for a Q & A was also fun.

I felt the pacing was a little slow and it took awhile for the titular monster-slaying to come into play, but Trevor Matthews as Jack Brooks was compelling enough as a protagonist to keep me interested in his journey. This movie serves more or less as his origin story and sequels are no doubt being planned. Even from the trailer it was clear that this movie is an “Evil Dead” wannabe and the director/writer admitted as much, but just as “Evil Dead” is mindless fun, so too is “Jack Brooks”.

Joss Whedon obviously wasn’t an influence though and I would be remiss if I didn’t register my disappointment in the portrayal of the female characters. They are barely present and exist only to serve as cliches. Same as with the completely unnecessary racism of the opening segment. Not that I’m surprised. White men make movies about white men, for white men.

3 niqueheads at Fantasia, but probably only 2 as a rental.

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