Jul 5

Genius Party

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Genius party indeed. There are seven animated shorts on display here, if you include the brief intro piece. Of the seven, only two were stinkers, and even then, one of those would have been good if I hadn’t bothered reading the subtitles and had just enjoyed the trippy animation. And the other bad one only sucked in a relative sense, because it was surrounded by… well… genius.

Everytime someone tells you something is totally, awesomely, wickedly cool you build up high expectations and then when you see it you’re disappointed so I don’t want to say too much. Just see it if you can.

1 – Intro: good
2 – Shanghai Dragon: good
3 – Deathtic 4: extra super good
4 – Doorbell: kinda boring
5 – Limit Cycle: yeah, more like pretentious party. (Or as one theatre-goer said when the screen faded to black: What?)
6 – Happy Machine: good
7 – Baby Blue: quite nice

Overall I give the experience 4 niqueheads

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