Jul 3

First Fantasia Snafu

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Alrighty, so remember how I was all happy about getting the VIP pass again this year? Turns out that while last year’s passes were good for two people, this year they changed it so they are only good for one person. Not that the pass people thought to mention this! Good thing we randomly ran into another fantasiafreak who informed us of this crucial fact or we would have been even more fucked than we already are.

Because we discovered this information a little late, we had to lineup like chumps and buy tickets with the rest of the pleebs at the last minute, i.e. a couple of hours before the premiere movie. This resulted in two of our choices being sold out, including tonight’s “Truffe”, the Quebecois entry. Yeah, one of us could have gone to the movie with the VIP pass but we don’t play that way. It’s either both of us or none. But it’s no big because since Truffe is homegrown it will no doubt be shown in a theatre near us soon enough. A theatre with comfortable seats no less. Kinda sucks though because they had a red carpet set up so I suspect some of the actors/director were set to attend (a common occurence at Fantasia). It’s probably for the best; I no doubt would have had to be restrained had I seen Roy Dupuis in person. I dare anyone to resist stroking his mullet, or his quiet intensity.

But the bigger bummer is “Accuracy of Death” being sold out. I was really looking forward to that one. But we’ll probably be able to rent it at Boite Noir, or you know, download it. Plus they always add one last movie on the day after the close of the festival where they show one of the sold out movies. It might be “Accuracy of Death” this year.

Ah well, on the bright side the crazy popper kid, Robert Muraine had a cameo on tonight’s ep of SYTYCD (though Nigel continued to asshole it up this season by giving him a hard time. Stupid Nigel).


5 out of 5 niqueheads for Robert Muraine. 

0 heads for Nigel.


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  1. kebes July 3rd, 2008 10:48 pm

    What’s your Nigel damage? At least he delivers meaningful commentary, unlike the vapid hot-tamale-train comments of some of the other judges.

    Not that I watch SYTYCD, of course.

  2. Nique July 3rd, 2008 11:14 pm

    He was mean to Robert!

  3. Caro July 4th, 2008 10:18 am

    The red head survived!
    I’m not at all surprised by last nights results. It kind of sucks for the girl who got eliminated. She was good but kept getting crappy dance routines.

    Oh, and too bad for the vip pass thing. Now you’re just the average schmuck

  4. Nique July 4th, 2008 10:24 am

    We still benefit from the single pass in that we don’t have to wait in the looooong lines for movies. Phil can use the pass to get in before the schmucks and save me a seat and I can go in after everyone else. Without the pass we have to show up at least an hour early for each film to wait in line. The lines are very, very intense at Fantasia.

    I didn’t much care for the dancers who got eliminated. They were sort of boring. All my favourites are still around so it’s all good.

  5. Caro July 4th, 2008 1:28 pm

    My mistake, so you’re not an average schmuck, you’re more of a … very important schmuck :)

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