Nov 20

Girls for the Cure

Category: Poetry,Random,Rants

Pink sheets
Black type
Red pen, blue highlight

Too tired to care
Bored but unwilling to share

Can’t trust anyone else to do it right
Caught between the instinct for fight or flight

Perfectionist but cutting corners all the while
Wish there was a wall so I wouldn’t have to smile

Thinks it’s done
For me it’s barely even begun

Too bored to try
When asleep can’t wonder why

No slow, still catching up on the ball
Too many of them in the air remaining uninstalled

Won’t take a helping hand; hands are never clean
Taking pride in following the example of machines

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  1. Punky November 20th, 2007 5:21 pm

    Nice poem….
    I know you don’t trust me (and rightfully so) but once November is over, I can be an extra pair of helping hands (to screw it up of course) in the world of GFC.

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