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Why I Am Better Than You – Different Strokes for Different Folks

Different people are different.  I know that’s hard for you to understand because you are you and you want everyone else on the planet to be exactly like you but I am me and I don’t want to be like you because in my opinion you suck and I rock.  I know you think you rock and I suck but you are wrong and I am right.  No, I kid, I kid… we’re both wrong.

 Aside from people who deliberately do harm, like killers and rapists and high school gym teachers, we’re all just living our lives trying to make it to tomorrow.  No one’s trying to fuck you over, they’re just trying to do what works for them.  So when your friend who is chronically late shows up late, don’t rant at him for two hours for being late, that’ll just make you even later to whatever event you’re supposed to go to.  Instead of being pissed at Latey McCan’tTellTime, why not always tell him to show up to places a half hour before you plan on showing up?  That way you both win.  Some people are punctual and you can tell them to show up at 5:30 and they show up at 5:25 but some people are just shit at time management and they aren’t doing it to be mean, they just really suck in that particular way and you getting mad at them only stresses you both out.  Don’t expect Latey to live up to your standards of punctuality, just take him on his own merits.  If you’re friends with him then he probably brings something to the table that you enjoy so keep him as a friend and stop stressing over it.  Yeah, his unwillingness to wear a watch is annoying but you have better things to do than trying to change him.  So don’t even try.  Just change your own attitude instead.

 That’s just one example of behaviour that creates conflict but I’m sure you can think of other situations that could be resolved with the simple ingestion of a chill pill.  It’s important to remember that everyone needs to be taken on their own merits and judged according to their own standards.  Person A can do thing 1 and person B can do thing 2 so don’t assign task 1 to person B. 

 I’m mostly talking about personal relationships here.  When it comes to business, you actually should expect Frazzled McLatesalot to come to work on time and if he can’t manage it then dude needs to get fired.  And while we should be accepting of various people’s abilities and lack thereof, there remain a few universal standards to live by, like everyone should be expected to adhere to a certain level of personal hygiene and maybe don’t hang with that dude with major B.O. who refuses to wear deodorant because he thinks his natural musk makes him more virile. 

 My overall point is just that you can’t really expect other people to do things the way you like them to get done.  They are probably looking at you thinking you’re not doing it right either and neither one of you is more right or wrong than the other.  At the end of the day the only thing any of us can really be sure of is that I Am Better Than You.

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