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My love for Supernatural is well documented in Paradise Syndrome, where my alter ego deems it to be the best show evah.  In truth I can objectively say it is not the best show on TV.  Sometimes I find myself irritated with the writing and the whole mytharc and sometimes I feel a certain amount of immaturity is on display, mostly the fault of show creator Eric Kripke, who makes it clear in interviews that he’s kind of a boy who likes gore, rock music, fast cars and not much else.

In the past I haven’t even bothered recommending this show to people because I know it is an acquired taste (helps for that taste to run towards an appreciation for hot dudes).  But every so often an episode comes along that is so genius I want to have the show’s babies.  These episodes usually center around the character of Dean Winchester, who is made of awesome (or as some astute bloggers say, awesome is made of Dean Winchester).  Dean is very flawed and sometimes he annoys me but this is good because characters who are too perfect can be irritating, as they are clear Mary-Sues (except for Samantha Carter from Stargate who manages to be awesome in spite of her perfection).

Much of the credit for Dean Winchester’s awesomeness must be given to Jensen Ackles, the actor who portrays him.  Besides being crazy hot, JAckles is also crazy talented.  He manages to elevate everything he is in despite… actually no, he made Dark Angel good but couldn’t help out sinking ships like Dawson’s Crap and Smallsuck.  (Nothing can save Smallville anymore, seriously, just cancell that thing already.)

Supernatural is currently in its fourth season and until yesterday’s episode I wasn’t impressed with this year’s storyarc.  But the most recent episode brought it all together, so much so that it even harked back to the general mytharc from previous seasons.  Well done show, well done indeed.  Ironic that it should be a time-travel episode that does it, because the whole concept of time-travel makes me squirm uncomfortably.  I still have reservations about the whole touched by an angel thing going on this season but damn if Dean’s single manly tear of missing his mommy didn’t make me get over those reservations once and for all.  JAckles, truly you can do no wrong.

I’m pretty cheap generally speaking so I usually download things if I don’t catch them on the tube but there are some shows that deserve to be purchased on DVD.  Everyone knows about my loyalty to Star Trek but those freaking DVDs cost your firstborn so no go there.  So far the only shows I have deemed worthy of purchase are Stargate SG1 (oh Daniel Jackson, you and your constant ascending), Stargate Atlantis (who knew McKay would turn out to rock so hard? – in fact I may have to write a completely seperate post about his rocksaursness) and Supernatural. 

4 niqueheads for Supernatural and 5 niqueheads for Dean Winchester as played by Jensen Awesomeckles


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  1. Caro October 3rd, 2008 5:45 pm

    Excuse me? Buffy is the best show EVER and totally deserves to be purchased on dvd…at Full price even! Wheadon you rock!
    And did you know Atlantis got cancelled and this will be the last season? Who do you think the doctor chick should hook up with?!

    And I like the touched buy a handsome angel twist. I would even like to be touched by that angel! hehe. But seriously, I’m all in favor of adding more hot guys to the show.

  2. Nique October 3rd, 2008 10:17 pm

    I agree Buffy rocks and is deserving of purchase but I’m kind of over Whedon.

    I know Atlantis got cancelled but I’m only on season 2 so I can’t comment on how I want it to end. (Actually, my next post is going to be about Stargate so stay tuned).

    Heheh, I don’t like the handsome angel as much as everyone else seems to but I’ve come to accept his presence. Meanwhile I’m still hoping papa John will somehow make it back onto the show, as he is hot too.

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